2 In 1 Qi Wireless Charge Pad (Iphone X & 8 Specific)

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 This newest charging mat combines the wireless charging Qi Standard and Apple Watch protocol. You can charge your iPhone 8 and X and your Apple watch at the same time. 

1. Temperature protection ( the battery is automatically protected at high temperature )
2. Short-circuit protection ( automatically cut off current for protection during short-circuit )
3. Over-voltage protection ( effectively set the voltage during the battery charge and discharge )
4. Anti-reverse protection (when the input data cable is inversed, it will be automatically power-off for protection)
5. Electromagnetic field protection (to prevent external magnetic field interference and ensure normal work)
6. Overcharge protection (effectively prevent the battery from being over charged for a long time)
7. Over power protection (to prevent too high battery charging power )
8. Over discharge protection (effectively prevent over discharge of the battery)

 What's in the Box: 
1x 2in1 Wireless Charging Mat
1x Instruction Manual